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About Jenna


– Certified Bowen Health Therapist

– Certified Neurokinetic Therapist

– Cancer Exercise Specialist

– Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Emotional Health Practitioner



* NSCA Certified Personal Trainer, Licensed Zumba Instructor, Certified GrooveMethod Facilitator, Certified Bellyfit Instructor, Certified Yoga Therapist


On Working With Athletes

Jenna has been collaborating with a colleague in California in bringing The Bowen Technique to the forefront of addressing Post Concussion Syndrome. This innovative discovery has lead Jenna down an exciting path that now included continuing her studies at York University in psychology.  Jenna is interested in working with all levels of athletes from children to adults, from the recreational athlete to the professional athlete. Ultimately, the goal is for athletes of all ages and abilities to feel confident that there is a safe, effective treatment for concussions that will prolong their sporting career. Currently (in North America), the most known medical treatment is a ‘wait and see’ approach which can potentially put many athletes at risk for long term symptoms (by hiding the symptoms from coaches, therapists, parents, etc), becoming re-concussed, and increases the likelihood of not reporting even minor symptoms (to parents, coaches, trainers). While full cognitive and physical rest is necessary in the healing process – it is imperative that the athlete recognize even the mildest symptoms, and  begin the treatment process. For more information on the signs and symptoms of Post Concussion Syndrome click HERE.

On Working with Chronic Pain


On Emotional Health and Wellness

At a very young age Jenna started her business in personal training. As the years went on Jenna realized that many of the clients she was working with need more than what personal fitness and nutrition services could provide. This led her down the path to Bowen Therapy – a truly amazing healing technique. After many years of providing training and therapy, Jenna continued to recognize the emotional patterns that continued to prevent people from realizing their full potential. Along with her own experience in personal development, this is what brought Jenna to becoming an Emotional Health Practitioner and the Yoga Therapy program at Pacific Rim College. After completing a degree in Psychology and a Post Graduate certificate with the Canadian Family Health Collective, Jenna can not only provide her clients  first hand experience in what she’s teaching but a well rounded approach that can address their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. As the Education Director and Teacher at Canadian Family Health,  Jenna provides individual counselling as well as lectures and workshops addressing many topics but not limited to: anxiety, depression, anger management, ADD/ADHD for adults and children, addictions, sports performance.


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