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Homework counts!

Many of my clients are used to me telling them to do their homework. However, it’s more than just doing what your therapist tell you to do. We all know that we are supposed to do our exercises and it will help.  The truth of the matter is that we are working with our motor control system. Here is how it works:

Imagine you decide “I want _____ (ice cream, cookie, cake etc)”. That desire is rooted in your limbic system and is the “fill my needs” part of the brain.  The cerebral cortex of the brain is the strategist. It decides which route to take.  Then we get into the good stuff. The motor control centre coordinates the pattern of movement ie.  “do it this way”.  The message is sent to the spine which is the “do it” command.  The muscles are where the doing it action occurs.

When I am testing your muscle and it doesn’t work, I am getting the brain to fail. Because the brain learns from failure, if we don’t find a reason for the failure, the pattern remains. Testing the muscle lights up the Motor Control Centre and makes it available for learning. we can either do the same old thing (reinforce the failure) or give it something new (create a new neural pattern).  Giving you a corrective exercise that pairs the failing muscle with the compensating muscle (in the correct order) makes a greater impact because we are re-grooving the neuromuscular pattern.

How many repetitions does this take? There is some debate on the timing and I find it’s quite individual. A minimum of 700 good repetitions upwards to 3000 good repetitions.  What does a “good” repetition mean? We do not want to fatigue the muscle. This isn’t strength training. We need to get to the point where we feel the muscle activate but not tire it out. With proper form. And in the proper order.

The point is, if you do your homework diligently 3 x day, 15sec or 15 reps (activation portion of your homework) for a minimum of 2-3 weeks, you will reinforce the proper pattern.


Osteopathy is coming to Rejeneration!

I have made the leap to continue my education in Manual Osteopathy! Many of you also know that I have been thinking about this decision for quite some time and I am happy to announce that I will be offering Osteopathic Services beginning in September 2017.  For those of you that are not familiar with Osteopathic techniques here is some background information for you.

Osteopathy was founded by Dr. Andrew Still in the late 1800’s and it was his belief that ideal health and wellness was achieved by treating the body as an entire system, that all areas of the body work in harmony together for optimum health.  The first school of Osteopathy was opened in 1892 in the USA, the second in the USA was opened in 1900 and then The British School Osteopathy was founded in 1913.  Primary in the USA you will find that an Osteopath is an MD who is also trained in manual osteopathic techniques. In Canada, while there are Osteopathic MD’s, the majority of practitioners are in fact Manual Osteopaths or Osteopathic Practitioners.

The foundation of Osteopathic Manual Therapy is that it is a whole body system of therapy. A wide range of techniques including but not limited to: cranial osteopathy, visceral manipulation, and soft tissue therapy are utilized to create a foundation of optimal health. The primary Osteopathic principles are: movement of the body fluids are essential to maintaining health (think blood flow, lymph flow and cerebral fluid), the nervous system controls everything (!), ligaments maintain stability regardless if the bone is in alignment (stretched ligament anyone?), and there is always a somatic component to disease (whole body involvement).

So why did I choose Manual Osteopathy? The philosophy of Osteopathic Manual Medicine is in line with how I approach my own practice. As a Bowen Therapist and NeuroKinetic Therapist, I have always been working with the entire body as a system rather than looking at the pain or injury as a separate entity. As I have developed my practice over the years I have educated myself in and utilized a variety of modalities to assist my clients with their health and well being. I am not the same practitioner as I was a year ago, 2 years ago, or 10 years ago.  I seek to find answers. If the modality I am using cannot answer the question at hand, I find out what I need to learn in order to answer that question. For me, at this time, it is Manual Osteopathic Medicine.  The added bonus is that many of you have Osteopathic Coverage on your employer benefits plan:)

Stay tuned for more information about Osteopathy in the near future.

I look forward to sharing with you my new techniques and my continued passion for wellness!



Psoas: The Great Pretender

The Psoas is a complex muscle that functions on many levels while affecting the surrounding muscles, nervous system and circulatory system. Dysfunction associated with the psoas can present in the: hips, lower back, SI joint, groin, gluts, lower abdomen and can even disrupt sexual arousal! You may notice challenges in walking, running as well as compensation patterns throughout the body. This two part workshop series will cover: anatomy, function, pain and compensation patterns, relaxation techniques, rehabilitation using Pilates, yoga, bodywork and more.


Located at Studio Fitness (on Quadra St. behind the Keg)

April 25th: 11:30am-12:30pm

$15 pre registered

$20 at the door

Book your spot online

One Concussion at a time

Tonight, as I sit here with the Seahawks and Raiders game on, I have, of course, concussions on the brain. No pun intended. I’ve always liked football. It’s floated in and out of my life over the past twenty years.  I have friends who work for teams at various levels, friends who are die hard fans and friends whose sons are just beginning their football career. I love the sound of a football game (and basketball) in the background while I am puttering about the house. I love the sound of the whistles, the crunch of the hits, and watching near acrobatic feats of athleticism. Heck, even my first kiss was from a football player. When I was 18yrs old I would dream of becoming a strength coach for the NFL but I knew essentially there wasn’t going to be any chance of that happening. Twenty years later and I still don’t think there are any female strength coaches in the NFL (I haven’t checked so don’t quote me on that).  I used to watch football just because I liked the game but now I watch football with a very different eye. I am all too aware of each player as they hit the ground. I watch football with a therapeutic eye less enthused by the massive hit and more concerned about the head I just saw bounce and wobble.

Football is not the only sport where concussions are just another injury. I’m also a proud rugby mom. I love watching my son play rugby.  I will encourage him to play as long as he enjoys it. I will also teach him to know his body and when his body is telling him something isn’t quite right. I will teach him that no matter what, his health comes first. I will teach him that while it’s a bummer to sit out a game or two as a precaution it’s a heck of alot better than taking a risk and therefore never being able to play again.  I will teach him that he is of more use to his team as a healthy player than one who is playing at 50%.

As the world of concussions explodes, I still sit back and observe. I read, I watch and I pay attention to the undercurrent that is professional sports, recreational sports and the like. I am not an athlete and I am not an athletic trainer. I am a healer and as it stands the skills I have acquired work exceptionally well on treating concussions. This is what I do. This is what I love! It practically kills me everytime I hear of an athlete (and anyone else for that matter) who is on a concussion watch list. I feel like a little kid jumping up saying “pick me, pick me!” It’s in my nature to want to help people and share what I know.

Prevention. Diagnosis. Baseline testing. Return to Play. Sideline testing APPS. Concussion bills. Laws and policies. Lawsuits.

It’s all good and there are just as many concussions.

My role is to educate and to treat. It’s as simple as that and the two main issues I have come across are: athletes hiding symptoms and no medically approved treatment (Bowen Therapy is not considered a medical treatment). I read it all the time. No one saw the hit. The athlete claims they are fine. Coach and/or trainer has to go with what the player says. When in doubt, sit it out is amazing and it should be adopted by every contact sport and team. I have yet to come across  many situations where the athlete pulls themselves off the field or rink (and I have worked on a few who have). As I said previously, I am not an athlete. But I can imagine being in a game, full of adrenaline, loving the game and not wanting to let my team down. Headache? Meh, maybe I am dehydrated, didn’t sleep well, not enough to eat. An athlete who wants to play will find a way. If the baseline test is clear but they still have a headache, nausea, dizziness, sleep problems but are medically cleared to play, what then? What if the player purposely skewed his/her baseline (it happens)? It is still potential for a second impact concussion which we all know can be devastating.

So what is my point? My point is that football isn’t going anywhere (in my opinion), neither is hockey, soccer, rugby, lacrosse, cheerleading, baseball, boxing, MMA, and basketball (and any other potentially concussion causing sport). People will have car accidents, slip on sidewalks, faint and bump their heads, get into fights. There will always be concussions regardless of how you play the game. People need to understand what the symptoms are. They need to know that it can take a few days for symptoms to appear. And they need to know that there is treatment available (shameless self promotion, I know).  As I mentioned before, one of the main issues I see is the athlete themselves hiding symptoms.  If we create an environment where it’s just as common to sit out a head injury as it is an elbow, wrist, shoulder, ankle etc then perhaps we can reduce the amount of second impact scenarios. What if we created a new mindset regarding head injury? What if, every player still felt valued by speaking up about their injury (head or otherwise).  What if, part of the NFL settlement for medical research actually went to researching what works?

In my idealistic world teams would increase the roster (gasp!) to allow for proper rest time for each player and have a concussion resolution therapist  as a part of the overall medical team and then make it mandatory as any other therapeutic intervention. That’s my ultimate dream job. No longer is it being a strength coach (although, in all fairness, that would be a pretty cool gig if you ask me) but to be an integral member of one or more professional sports organizations. Working alongside medical staff and AT’s for the best benefit of the players who put their bodies through the wringer for the love of the game and the entertainment of others.

Bowen will find it’s place in the mainstream. I believe that. One concussion at a time.


Kangen Water Experiment – Week 2


This week went by like a flash and I feel like I barely got a chance to breathe!  I didn’t get to any real cleaning jobs, there is a saline solution that is needed when making the strong acid water and I ran  out. I did do the workout jacket soak again with great results, I love the clean smell once they are nice and dry. I did soak my organic strawberries in the 9.5 ph water just to see what I would find. I was amazed at the amount of dirt that came off the fruit. Even though the fruit was organic it’s nice to know that it can still remove a lot of additional residue.

My son had a track meet this week and I made sure that he had his water with him. He won 2 first place ribbons for 100m and 200m events. Yay!

We’ve cooked with it and I couldn’t tell you if there was a noticeable difference than if I used tap water or filtered water.

There is another health business in town using Kangen water to supplement their clients experience in a specific program. That has my interest peaked. Technically, they are a competitor (and yet I don’t quite subscribe to the notion of competing in a health related business) and so I have to pay close attention to this. Unfortunately, it’s not the kind of program that I can be a “secret shopper” at and seeing as we are both marketing for a very specific client, calling and asking them all about how and why they are using the water doesn’t seem quite right. For the moment, given who they are, I will accept that as a very good sign. Yes, I am being vague, I won’t be divulging who they are publicly:)

I have been giving my cat the 8.5ph  and overall, she is seemingly more vibrant and has taken to jumping off my second floor balcony. Ugh. i don’t have screens and so either I keep letting her leap off or I keep the door shut and my apt is like a large oven. She’s eating less and drinking more.

As I write this my son’s white shirt is soaking in strong acid water (what I could get anyway) and I will check in the morning how the stains are.

I tried the beauty water setting to wash my face. Astringent like quality. Pleasant. Could save a bundle in face wash….

My skin overall is in better condition. I wash my hands many times a day (after every snack and in between clients) and although my hands are still dry, they aren’t as dry and just as I was thinking my facial skin was looking better – I broke out. LOL.

I drank it all day at the Future of Fitness Conference and overdid it I think. I have found that too much coffee and too much Kangen aren’t the best mix. I need to balance that out a bit! I suppose drink more neutral water.

And dare I say, a little bit of weight loss. Only a bit and I don’t weigh myself but certainly a change.


See you all soon!


Kangen Water Experiment – week 1

Years ago, a dear friend kept going on to me about this Kangen water. On and on. And while I believed every word he said and I could tell he was passionate about about it – I didn’t really think much of it. Since then, occasionally I hear about it. Well. Fast forward about 6 yrs and the next thing I know, I have a client bring me some water to try. She gave me the 9.5 ph and I could easily see the micro clustering of the water molecules. Pretty cool I thought, but would I REALLY notice anything? I mean, don’t ALL companies tell you that their product will give you amazing results?

My first 24hrs sold me. I couldn’t drink this water fast enough and I wasn’t getting that icky bloated feeling that happens when you try and drink lots of water. I genuinely was impressed, I finally felt properly hydrated in I don’t know how long. What I wasn’t expecting was the very obvious therapeutic response.  Because I have a tendency to jump in to something head first I sort of forgot to ease in to drinking a higher PH sloooooowly. I had been drinking Vortex 9.5 so what’s the difference, right?

Wrong. True alkaline water has a therapeutic  and cleansing effect. By the end of the day I felt like I had one heck of a bodywork treatment. Dreamy, lightheaded and a little woozy. Hmmm. Perhaps there is more to this water than meets the eye?

The promo video cinched the deal. I needed to try this out and really see for myself what this water can do.

Day one of the machine. Well, this day was kind of a bust. About 5 min (or less) after Jill installed my machine (easy, peasy by the way) my son walks in the door with a hole in his leg, blood oozing out and claiming that “perhaps he needs to go to the hospital”. Instinctively, I knew that a proper PH would nicely disinfect the wound but this wasn’t going to be the night to try it out.  We did however, fill up his water bottle (ph 8.5) and took it with us to the hospital.

Over the course of the week I have been drinking the 8.5PH and have now moved up to the 9.5PH.  I have been using the strong acid setting for cleaning and WOW. My daughter baked something gooey and it was nicely cemented in the element pan. Gross. I took it out and soaked it in the regular dish water. Still stuck. Then I soaked it for a couple of minutes in the strong acid water and it came off like nothing. Awesome. It’s fantastic to use for the stove cleaning.

I soaked my dish clothes in the water for a while and it killed all the dish rag smell.

I washed my floor. I have the vileta floor spray mop and it worked like a charm.

I washed my veggies and have been using it for my coffee. I also made COLD TEA with the 9.5PH setting. I have never been able to do that with filtered tap water. This is because Kangen water can extract the nutrient value from anything more efficiently.

I also decided to see what it could do for my smelly workout clothes. Most importantly, my $90 lululemon jackets that you wear once and they smell forever.  My first experiment I use the strong acid from the flexible hose (don’t worry about what this means).  Not bad. A small hint of residual smell (is this TMI?). All I did was soak the jacket in water. I would like to do it again though, using the strongest setting.

So far, I love this machine. It’s a win and I can’t wait to see what else i can do with it!

P.S. My lips are softer too. Pretty sure that is a sign of increased hydration.


Time to take a step back

It can be a challenge at times for me to always “practice what I preach”. What I mean by that is, we are all human! The key to what I teach though is to enable individuals to have the skills necessary to “flip” the negative emotion that is dragging them down. We can do that in various way and certainly it is going to be a different strategy from person to person. I am not immune to this process. There will always come a time where I have to do a flip.

Here’s how it happens for me. An event happens (either real life or latching on to a negative thought pattern that goes wildly out of control), then I literally can FEEL myself stepping from one emotion to the next DOWN the ladder of emotions (recall, we are all human, to live in bliss ALL the time is EXHAUSTING!). Then I wallow! Woe is me! Waaaa! A full on PITY PARTY and I am the STAR!! Then I get really annoyed with myself because it isn’t any fun to hang out in that space for very long.  My mood spreads to my kids because as you know Moods are Contagious then it goes from a party of one to a full on disaster. Ever host a party in high school and then the whole town seems to show up and goes out of control?  Ya, that!

And then I take a step back, take a few breaths, teach a dance class. I do SOMETHING, ANYTHING that boosts my mood even a little bit.

This time around I decided to check in with my kids (post dance class) and asked them this question.

“What do YOU need t0 feel less stressed?” And their answers were not at all what I expected they would be.

My son was the first to answer and this is what he said…

“Having a Dad”

“More family dinners”

“Weight training”

Let me point out here that my son is 10 years old. 10. And he wants to weight train? How cool is that? I wish there was a Bull Dog Gym for kids here in Victoria because I would love that for him. The personal trainer in me will come up with something though.

And here is what my daughter said…

“More family dinners”

“More family time on the weekends (with compromises from each of us in relation to what we do).


Do I have great kids or what? It was a clear reminder that despite my misgivings and flaws, my ups and my downs, that I am doing pretty OK by my kids. My stepping back this time and focusing on my children and what their needs are was what we needed as a family.  We had a great family meeting, we all feel better and I am back up that ladder of emotions (and my kids too for that matter).  My point here is that we all have points where things don’t go the way we want and we get get stressed out, angry, depressed – whatever emotion you tend to get addicted to but it doesn’t mean you have to STAY there. Here is a quick and easy way to make the step to feeling better.

1) Recognize where you are at right now

2) Honor your feelings – they are there, no point in avoiding them!

3) Do something. ANYTHING that gives you the HAPPY feeling. We aren’t talking skipping on clouds and jumping rainbows here. Just find something that makes you smile. Visit a chip truck (although not here on Vancouver Island!), turn on your fav song and ROCK IT OUT, walk out side and spend 5 min soaking in the sun. You will FEEL your energy and mood start to shift.

Once you feel better, even if just a little bit, you will be able to step back and take a different perspective on your situation.

It works!


Until next time,



For more information on private sessions go to





Moods Are Contagious!

Have you ever noticed that when someone else is in a crummy mood – it seems to rub off?  Or vice versa? We don’t mean for it to happen but inevitably it does. I often talk about creating a Bliss List and keeping it handy so you can look at it when you need to.  Here is a link to the EHP Centre Blog written by the EHP Centre Director Kim Sargent to learn more about contagious moods and how YOU can learn (or teach) how to flip the switch.




Lots of changes going on!

Please be patient with me!  There are many changes going on as I blend EHP Centre and Rejeneration into one cohesive website:)  Moving forward I will be streamlining my information to include primarily Bowen Therapy and EHP Centre Counselling and removing and/or moving fitness related information so that it is much easier to navigate.  Within the community I will still be offering Cancer Rehabilitation and Dance Fitness classes but will not be maintaining those categories  on the Rejeneration website.

Do you have any suggestions?  I am all ears! This website is for you and I want to make sure the information I provide is easy to understand and direct.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as I reintegrate my new skills in this wonderful new city I now call home!


All the best!



Becoming an Emotional Health Practitioner


Years ago, I embarked on a personal development journey that changed my life.  I was in a marriage that wasn’t healthy and needed some personal direction (that’s the coles notes version).  I just needed SOMETHING. Have you ever felt that way?  Like you weren’t sure exactly WHAT you needed but you knew it was something? Without getting into the down and dirty details of my life history, there was a pattern of emotional addiction (attracting to you situations that create the same emotional reaction) that I recognized and just couldn’t break out of.  I actually was stuck in a freeze mode (think flight, fright, or freeze) and wasn’t functioning at my best.  I was so embedded in the freeze mode that I must admit that I took a program that takes a few months to a year and stretched this out to THREE YEARS. Yes. Freeze mode. I might hold the record for the length of time to go through this process.

My personal journey was so transformative, I knew at some point I would have to include it in my ever growing collection of skills.  EHP goes well beyond traditional talk therapy. This style of counselling DIGS DEEP and GETS THINGS DONE. As my friend and mentor says “If all you want to do is talk, that’s what friends are for.”  I love it! And it’s true!  How many times have you talked about the same situation OVER and OVER and yet… never really goes away.

In my professional life, I was already teaching about health and wellness, educating people on how to break bad eating habits, and lifestyle coaching. I also became a holistic health practitioner to complement my business and to create lasting physical change in my clients health and wellness but I knew there was more to it than that.   I  wanted to share my experience with my clients and provide this for them as I knew other factors were hindering their healing process or fitness goals.

Along the way my friends would hear  me talk about “footsteps”, “pillows”, and “bliss list” but now I am so happy that I get to teach it! After years of implementing my skills in my personal life, I went on to get a degree in Psychology  and training as an Emotional Health Practitioner.

If you want to learn more about how I mastered the Energy of Emotion, got rid of my pillows and followed my footsteps to create positive change in my life, check out for more information.

It’s not to say that I am perfect, none of us are! I still have my crazy mom moments, my days of worry and those days were the stress gets the better of me but what I don’t do is let it drag me down for any length of time. The skills I learned empower me to create the change I need to, to pick myself up, dust myself off and go out and create the life I want.

Be well,



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