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Lower BMI linked to lower Breast Cancer Tumours

Breast cancer survivors who exercise regularly between 5-8 hours per week have a 50% decreased chance of a recurrence of breast cancer.  They also comment on the fact that heart attack patients in North America are given exercise regimes to follow as part of their recovery plan, but not cancer patients.

As a Cancer Exercise Specialist, I work hard to change the lack of good information available to Canadian cancer patients and survivors.  I aim to bring valid, documented information, research from across the world on how exercise, nutrition and complimentary care are all important parts of not only cancer treatment, but cancer recovery plans as well.  It goes without saying that exercise, nutrition and complimentary care are also excellent prevention tools.

Learn more about the promising results of this enormous European study which included over 50,000 breast cancer survivors for over 30 year by following the link below.

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