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Mobile Cancer Rehabilitation

Our Mobile Cancer Rehabilitation Program is designed to work with your team of medical professionals, as well as with your schedule of treatment.

Because everyday brings different levels of energy, strength, nausea or healing, your cancer rehabilitation program does not have a fixed routine or schedule. Instead, we offer some of the most common and effective healing modalities, exercise routines and nutritional support services used around the world for supporting healing in cancer patients in an  A LA Carte fashion.

The Program:

Since the services are mobile, and many cancer patients choose to continue to work during their treatment, we can come to your home or office for your scheduled sessions.

During any session, you will choose from the A La Carte menu.  Although physical exercise is recommended during both your weekly sessions, we understand the demands chemotherapy can make on the body, and that patients simply can not commit to exercise on some days during their chemotherapy treatment cycles.  Rather than restricting access to treatment by making it too rigid, we offer mobile cancer rehabilitation services that are flexible.

A La Carte Menu

  • Healing touch treatment – Reiki
  • Healing touch treatment – Neuromuscular therapy using the Bowen Technique
  • Exercise – Certified Personal Fitness programs
  • Nutritional Support – Working with your Registered Dietitian, providing at home support to help you implement your dietary recommendations


  • Decreased fatigue
  • Decreased depression
  • Increased production oUed blood cells
  • Increased quality of life and ability to perform daily tasks
  • Helps combat muscle loss by increasing protein synthesis

Program Notes:

In treatment programming is designed to fight against the debilitating effects of chemotherapy and radiation, increase ability to perform daily tasks, decrease depression, and decrease fatigue symptoms.

In treatment programs are primarily available in the clients home or can be done in a facility with doctors clearance. Post treatment programming is currently available in your home, office or fitness club of your choosing.

To download a PDF version of our program outline & fees, click this link»Cancer Rehabilitation Program Costs

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