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Kangen Water Experiment – week 1

Years ago, a dear friend kept going on to me about this Kangen water. On and on. And while I believed every word he said and I could tell he was passionate about about it – I didn’t really think much of it. Since then, occasionally I hear about it. Well. Fast forward about 6 yrs and the next thing I know, I have a client bring me some water to try. She gave me the 9.5 ph and I could easily see the micro clustering of the water molecules. Pretty cool I thought, but would I REALLY notice anything? I mean, don’t ALL companies tell you that their product will give you amazing results?

My first 24hrs sold me. I couldn’t drink this water fast enough and I wasn’t getting that icky bloated feeling that happens when you try and drink lots of water. I genuinely was impressed, I finally felt properly hydrated in I don’t know how long. What I wasn’t expecting was the very obvious therapeutic response.  Because I have a tendency to jump in to something head first I sort of forgot to ease in to drinking a higher PH sloooooowly. I had been drinking Vortex 9.5 so what’s the difference, right?

Wrong. True alkaline water has a therapeutic  and cleansing effect. By the end of the day I felt like I had one heck of a bodywork treatment. Dreamy, lightheaded and a little woozy. Hmmm. Perhaps there is more to this water than meets the eye?

The promo video cinched the deal. I needed to try this out and really see for myself what this water can do.

Day one of the machine. Well, this day was kind of a bust. About 5 min (or less) after Jill installed my machine (easy, peasy by the way) my son walks in the door with a hole in his leg, blood oozing out and claiming that “perhaps he needs to go to the hospital”. Instinctively, I knew that a proper PH would nicely disinfect the wound but this wasn’t going to be the night to try it out.  We did however, fill up his water bottle (ph 8.5) and took it with us to the hospital.

Over the course of the week I have been drinking the 8.5PH and have now moved up to the 9.5PH.  I have been using the strong acid setting for cleaning and WOW. My daughter baked something gooey and it was nicely cemented in the element pan. Gross. I took it out and soaked it in the regular dish water. Still stuck. Then I soaked it for a couple of minutes in the strong acid water and it came off like nothing. Awesome. It’s fantastic to use for the stove cleaning.

I soaked my dish clothes in the water for a while and it killed all the dish rag smell.

I washed my floor. I have the vileta floor spray mop and it worked like a charm.

I washed my veggies and have been using it for my coffee. I also made COLD TEA with the 9.5PH setting. I have never been able to do that with filtered tap water. This is because Kangen water can extract the nutrient value from anything more efficiently.

I also decided to see what it could do for my smelly workout clothes. Most importantly, my $90 lululemon jackets that you wear once and they smell forever.  My first experiment I use the strong acid from the flexible hose (don’t worry about what this means).  Not bad. A small hint of residual smell (is this TMI?). All I did was soak the jacket in water. I would like to do it again though, using the strongest setting.

So far, I love this machine. It’s a win and I can’t wait to see what else i can do with it!

P.S. My lips are softer too. Pretty sure that is a sign of increased hydration.


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