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Kangen Water Experiment – Week 2


This week went by like a flash and I feel like I barely got a chance to breathe!  I didn’t get to any real cleaning jobs, there is a saline solution that is needed when making the strong acid water and I ran  out. I did do the workout jacket soak again with great results, I love the clean smell once they are nice and dry. I did soak my organic strawberries in the 9.5 ph water just to see what I would find. I was amazed at the amount of dirt that came off the fruit. Even though the fruit was organic it’s nice to know that it can still remove a lot of additional residue.

My son had a track meet this week and I made sure that he had his water with him. He won 2 first place ribbons for 100m and 200m events. Yay!

We’ve cooked with it and I couldn’t tell you if there was a noticeable difference than if I used tap water or filtered water.

There is another health business in town using Kangen water to supplement their clients experience in a specific program. That has my interest peaked. Technically, they are a competitor (and yet I don’t quite subscribe to the notion of competing in a health related business) and so I have to pay close attention to this. Unfortunately, it’s not the kind of program that I can be a “secret shopper” at and seeing as we are both marketing for a very specific client, calling and asking them all about how and why they are using the water doesn’t seem quite right. For the moment, given who they are, I will accept that as a very good sign. Yes, I am being vague, I won’t be divulging who they are publicly:)

I have been giving my cat the 8.5ph  and overall, she is seemingly more vibrant and has taken to jumping off my second floor balcony. Ugh. i don’t have screens and so either I keep letting her leap off or I keep the door shut and my apt is like a large oven. She’s eating less and drinking more.

As I write this my son’s white shirt is soaking in strong acid water (what I could get anyway) and I will check in the morning how the stains are.

I tried the beauty water setting to wash my face. Astringent like quality. Pleasant. Could save a bundle in face wash….

My skin overall is in better condition. I wash my hands many times a day (after every snack and in between clients) and although my hands are still dry, they aren’t as dry and just as I was thinking my facial skin was looking better – I broke out. LOL.

I drank it all day at the Future of Fitness Conference and overdid it I think. I have found that too much coffee and too much Kangen aren’t the best mix. I need to balance that out a bit! I suppose drink more neutral water.

And dare I say, a little bit of weight loss. Only a bit and I don’t weigh myself but certainly a change.


See you all soon!


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