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Managing a “Healing Crisis”

A healing crisis is when an individual that is going through some kind of therapy – be it physical or emotional comes a point where is a certain level of discomfort or pain that is associated with the healing process. As you peel back layers, new issues become exposed and it can be nerve wracking! In most cases, it goes away and you move on to the next layer. And not every healing process is painful, and not every layer will be met with a ‘healing crisis’.

Chronic pain and injury  is built over time and creates layers of ‘stuff’ that needs to cleared and moved through. I am not saying it’s easy, because it can be painful. It can make you want to quit the process. It can create anger and frustration.

So what do you do?

Take a step back and take a deep breath. Honor where your body is at in this process and have an honest discussion with your practitioner. Sometime we just need a little time and some compassion before we can move to the next phase of healing.

All the best in your healing journey,



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