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Weight Training

These guidelines are for a general-purpose exercise program. If you have any injuries or health considerations please consult with a fitness professional.

Identify what your goals are. For example: gaining muscle mass, endurance or toning, sport specific, etc.

Decide how much time you have to devote to your training. This information is critical in developing your exercise program.

Choose an exercise for every major muscle group in the body. Maintain balance from upper to lower and front to back.

Always warm up before you start to train. This will increase internal core temperature of the muscle, which decreases your chance of injury. Low intensity for about 5 minutes is usually enough.

Always stretch the muscles you have worked before you leave the gym. Your muscles will recover faster and it helps to decrease the amount of soreness you may feel in the initial stages.

Rest between sets and exercise every other day for proper recovery. Never hold your breath while lifting weight, especially during upper body exercises.

Start from lower body to upper body working the largest muscle groups to the smallest muscle groups.

The average amount of sets performed is 3, however, you can do 1 set and still get the same benefits as long as you maximize that set to the fullest.

Always progress yourself. The set should be done to the point of failure. When you can do more then the desired amount of repetitions you need to increase the weight to maintain the challenge.

Genetics play a strong part in what your body is capable of.  Be sure to be realistic when developing your goals.  Remember to compare yourself to your own progress, not anyone else’s.

If you have questions, email Jenna directly or call her at (416) 276-6053.  Customized programs can be developed just for you.  1-on-1 consultations and work outs are also available to help you reach your fitness goals.

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